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Xander's Journal
I've always been chasing rainbows, staring out of classroom windows

Unlocked entries will mostly be my scribblings - for other stuff, comment if you're interested.. ;)
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All things dull and ugly,
All creatures short and squat,
All things rude and nasty,
The Lord God made the lot.
Each little snake that poisons,
Each little wasp that stings,
He made their brutish venom.
He made their horrid wings.

All things sick and cancerous,
All evil great and small,
All things foul and dangerous,
The Lord God made them all.

Each nasty little hornet,
Each beastly little squid--
Who made the spikey urchin?
Who made the sharks? He did!

All things scabbed and ulcerous,
All pox both great and small,
Putrid, foul and gangrenous,
The Lord God made them all.


- Monty Python

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Umm, does anyone know if the story for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days follows on from KH2? (because I haven't finished that yet >_< )

I just should finish it though, but I'll probably have to start it again cos I hate leaving games more than a year and picking them up again somewhere in the middle xD
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Oh my god, there's a newbie/games/spam forum on EoFF now?
Didn't think I'd see the day ;)
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What's your favorite dessert?

Probably Eton Mess.

(strawberries, meringue and cream :3)


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With art, it's such a good feeling when you suddenly realise - hey, I've improved :D
I really feel I have with my anthro stuff lately. It's thanks to a lot of inspiration from various people and art in general, I think, and thanks to me never being happy with stuff I make and always wanting to make it better (a good thing!) XD

But yeah, I'm getting much more happy with my style now.

progression!Collapse )

Yay for art! ^^

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In case you *haven't* seen this already. XD

Sometime later...



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Yeah so I removed some people just because it was time for a cull. I have less and less time to read LJ lately and so I want to be able to skim entries a bit easier. Also to make friends only entries and not be worried about what I post. I want people who read them to be FRIENDS! Like, makes sense, does it not? :P

I might still make the odd public post. And it's nothing personal, I'd just like to start taking the time to talk to certain people through LJ more and can do so if I cut down my list a bit. ^^ I might cull it more later as I've forgotten who some names are. xD

Yeah anyway. An actual post at some point, perhaps. :P
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Yeah some new drawings at xandoodles if you haven't added it ;D

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Credit to Kris for these photos but I think they came out beautiful. Click for larger view.
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